8 Photographers You Need to Follow

I love photography. I love to create and capture moments. I believe the art of photography is underappreciated, as crazy as that may sound. Many do not appreciate the process a photographer goes through to get the perfect photo. Seriously. There a some out there that believe all you need to be a “good” photographer is an expensive camera, which is completely false. Ask any photographer, THE CAMERA DOES NOT MAKE THE PHOTO.

That being said, here are eight of my favorite photographers you should be following!

Bryan Castillo (@bryanadamc)

a balloon above the city.🎈

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I mean, just look at this photo! Bryan is a photographer and musician. He mostly photographs his wife, Ali, pictured above. He also makes amazing Youtube videos where he brings his photos to life, he even writes and records the music for them! I absolutely LOVE his style. How adorable are he and his wife?!

Natalie Wall (@nataliewall)

A year later and it's confirmed: I still hate the kidneys. • Hearts 4 life. • #finalsweek

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Natalie is a Utah-based photographer. . . who is also in MED SCHOOL. That’s right. I don’t know how she has time to create these amazing photos between studying and labs, but she manages to pull it off. You go girl.

Savannah Havril (@emberwolves)


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Savannah is a portrait and wedding photographer in Atlanta. I love the uniqueness of her portraits, her creativity really shines through. From what I can tell, she really loves her nature greens!

Gabe Johnson (@falllenskies)

Oh you almost forgot about the poppies? Here I'll remind you 😍🌹🌟

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Okay. I L O V E everything about Gabe’s photography. The color grading, the models, the flowers, I love it all. My personal Gabe favorites are the poppy fields. They are so beautiful and make me want to drive all the way to Utah just so I can experience the magic of these flowers. He is so amazingly talented, and if I’m not mistaken, he’s around my age. How crazy!

Charlotte Little Wolf (@charlottelittewolf)

I get to go home & see my mum soon!!! 🎄🦌🦌. . . . . #neverstopexploring #stayandwander #keepitwild #wildernessculture #optoutside #rei1440project #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #earthoffical #discoverglobe #natgeotravel #natgeo #tentree #nationalgeographic #artofvisuals #beautifuldestinations #canon_photos #earthpix #visualsoflife #viralnation #dulcedofamily #adventureculture #disoverearth #theglobewanderer #agameoftones #moodygrams #huffingtonpost #teamcanon #highsnobiety #hypebeast

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Charlotte is another amazingly talented photographer. She is one of my favorite landscape photographers! Her landscape is utterly beautiful and makes me want to visit every place she captures. I love the moody greens that run through her feed; they make me want to take a hike in the mountains.

Mike Leddy (@mikeleddyphotography)

You call the shots, babe. model: @niki . . Check out BTS of this moment and others on both @alisha and @niki’s vlogs from this day ✌🏼

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These. Colors. Are. Everything. I love the vibrant colors and vintage-esque vibes going on in his photography. How many times can I say “love” in a post?

Paarsa Hajari (@pnh_)

things fall apart.

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Paarsa’s photography and creativity is stunning. She uses simple fields and makes them especially unique. She is always exploring new things, which we’re all thankful for. Seriously. Her close-ups of flowers are beautiful!

Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel)

I'm set on fire to keep you warm💡

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And last, but certainly not least, is the Instagram OG, Brandon Woelful. He is the master of bokeh, neon lights, and a certain sorcery that is making a pitch black photo into the brightest. He is my inspiration for photography (and for the title picture)! He may be my all time favorite photographer. I love a good neon sign and some serious background bokeh, as does Brandon. Obviously.


There are seriously so many more photographers I love that I could go on and on about. . . but I’ll spare you the reading time. I hope this left you all inspired to create! It doesn’t have to be photography. Drawing, writing, styling, do whatever makes you inspired, as these photographers have helped me do.

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